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Why come hiking in Gran Canaria ?

I firmly believe that Gran Canaria is one of the last great hiking destinations in Europe still to be truly discovered by the British hiker. Gran Canaria’s nickname is the mini continent, and it really does live up to that name. There are many distinct areas and mini climates on the island, giving a great variety of hikes on one fairly small island.

Camino Real to La Culata - near Tejeda - Gran Canaria
Camino Real to La Culata

Gran Canaria is a safe place to trek. Hikers from Scandinavia and Germany have already discovered the beauty of hiking holidays on the island, so I have decided with the help of my Guides: 'Don’t leave Gran Canaria without seeing it' to try to promote hiking in Gran Canaria to British and all other English speaking walkers.

I have tried to make all of the hikes and walks in my Guides achievable and enjoyable for everyone who is reasonably fit and enjoys a good walk in the mountains.

In Volume 1 'The Shorter Options' Guide, the majority of the hikes are from 2 hours 30 minutes to 3 hours 30 minutes, with a maximum ascent of 500metres, and are mostly from grade 2.5 to grade 5.

In Volume 2 'The Longer Options' Guide, the majority of the hikes are longer than 4 hours, usually with more than 500 metres of ascent and are from grade 6 to grade 9.

We find a good recreational walking speed on our paths is about 2 miles per hour (3 Kmph) and the maximum ascent we enjoy is about 1,000 feet (300m) in an hour.

We do not believe that walking or hiking should be competitive, it can be challenging but not punishing, even on the longer treks.

  • Resting at a cave near la Solana
  • Roque Nublo plateau
  • Presa de las Niñas
  • Path through the Tamadaba forest

mountains imageRambling Roger Grades

All walks have been given a Rambling Roger Grade, here is a brief explanation of those grades:

Grade 1
The easiest and would be not much more than an hours stroll along a promenade, with under 100m ascent.
Grade 2
A 2 hour walk mostly downhill but definitely 'off road'.
Grade 3
Under 3 hours with an ascent of a maximum of 350m, probably more descent.
Grade 4
Up to 3 and a half hours with no more than 425 metres of ascent.
Grade 5
A maximum of 4 hours walking time with an ascent of up to 500 metres.
Grade 6
This is what I call an average mountain walk, usually over 4 hours with about 600 metres ascent.
Grade 7
Over 5 hours with maximum 700 metres ascent.
Grade 8
Just over 6 hours with over 700 metres of ascent.
Grade 9
Well over 6 hours and with an ascent of over 1,000 metres
Grade 10
This is a walk I would not do...

These grades are designed to give you a rough idea of the level of difficulty of each walk. All walks are undertaken at your own risk. Underfoot walking conditions etc. may raise the hike one Grade higher, any vertiginous sections will be mentioned in the text, but in my walking Guides they are few and far between.

All timings are true walking times and exclude water, photo and picnic breaks. On an average walk, I would add a minimum of an hour onto the timings given.


These signposts are typical of what you will see if you are following a signposted route anywhere in Gran Canaria. The taller signposts have directions on them, such as in the photo, in my notes I call the posts with green or yellow marks 'finger posts'.

Green route signpost - walking in Gran Canaria
Green 'finger' post
Tunte directions signpost - walking in Gran Canaria
Tunte signpost
Yellow route signpost - walking in Gran Canaria
Yellow 'finger' post


Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of information, but things do change, a dirt track may become concreted and a house may have been re-painted a different colour. Also there are often rock falls after heavy rain, or water can be running in a usually dry stream bed etc.

All walks are undertaken at your own risk and we accept no liability for any accidents. Whilst every consideration has been given to your safety in the planning of these routes, ultimately your safety is your own responsibility.
- Rambling Roger

Don't Leave Gran Canaria Without Seeing It..

THE definitive Guide for hikers and explorers.. by Rambling Roger, resident in Gran Canaria

Volume 1: The Shorter Options
This guide is intended more for the casual hiker ( who wants a half day walk ) and visitors who want to discover the real heart of Gran Canaria by car or on foot.

Volume 2: The Longer Options
This second guide is for the serious hiker who wants a full day trek.

Volume 1 'The Shorter Options' Guide has approx. 20 circular and 15 routes from A to B with the local bus times included, there are also over 30 there-and-back walks, all of these walks are designed to be half day hikes.
This Guide also includes lots of information of what to see and do in the many rural villages and towns, with suggestions of where to enjoy local specialities.

Volume 2 'The Longer Options' Guide has approx. 20 circular and 5 routes from A to B with local bus times included, these walks are full day walks and are designed for the serious hiker. All walks have full GPS information included.
I am aware that there are already various hiking books in English about walking on Gran Canaria, but none are written by a local resident with years of experience of the hiking routes on this island.

Both Rambling Roger's Guides are regularly updated and available in printed or PDF version.

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