• Another Gran Canaria trip. Initially staying in Triana, Las Palmas for access to the north east, then moving north west to Artenara the highest mountain village before heading south to Aguimes. Lots of familiar and new places on my walks which meant that I put the new Discovery Map and recently purchased Rambling Roger Guides to good use.
    *For more info and photos, you can visit David's blog: https://okallotments.blogspot.com/2022/03/gran-canaria-march-2022
    David - March 2022

  • During the preparation for our holiday in December 2020 to Gran Canaria my girlfriend and I were searching to find a proper hiking guide and luckily we found this perfect guide which made our holiday unforgettable.
    As we are not so experienced hikers we took a version with shorter hikes and must say that each one of the six hikes we have done were simply AMAZING.
    We really liked that the guide contains also information about the island, cities, overall hiking tips... each hike has a brief intro explanation which is enough to decide if you are interested in it or not.
    Another great thing is that Roger organizes each hike to have a part with an amazing view, a part with some nice uphill downhill so you “feel a little bit adrenaline”, as well as alternative routes to see some extra things or to shorten the hike.
    I really recommend to everybody to do at least one hike in each part of the island as they are completely different. After this experience, I feel a little bit spoiled and on my next traveling destination I will expect nothing less than what Roger has done for hiking in Gran Canaria.
    Nikola, Germany - December 2020

  • Just to say we got back from our holiday last week. We managed four hikes from the longer book (Volume 2). Our first day was cooler so we did walk 7 (Las Burras Circle). We then did walk 22 (Pico de Nevis Circle), walk 1 (Cruz Grande Circle) and walk 17 (Artenara Circle) - I should say we did have a day off in the middle and at the end! Your guide was incredibly useful and really made the holiday. I wanted it to be a walking holiday and without your guide not sure would have managed it. The GPS references became invaluable when we realised we could copy and paste them into googlemaps (albeit deleting the -est and -orth). I loved walk 22 because as it was the end of February the flowers were beautiful and it was so green. We both loved the views and the cave houses/church of walk 17, my partners favourite was walk 1 as it reminded him of American mid west and it was all fairly deserted. Thank you !!
    Daniel - February 2019

  • We are just back from a week's holiday in GC and I just wanted to say a big thank you for the wonderful achievement that is your walking guides. For the price of an hour on a pedallo we spent some wonderful days in spectacular scenery. The directions were very clear and accurate and combined with the Tour and Trail map in Viewranger navigation was pretty foolproof. Thanks again.
    Jon - September 2018

  • I just wanted to say thanks for your superb walking guides! We only managed to do 2 of them this time - Barranco de Guayadeque (wonderful with all the succulents, cacti, shrubs & flowers) and one from San Bartolome but hope to visit again and try out some more. The instructions were very detailed, accurate and easy to follow and the amount of information you gave about other related things - bus routes & times, weather, roads etc etc was so helpful. We were also really pleased with the super durable Discovery Walking Map - much better material than any you can buy in the UK - very easy to fold and fit into map case. We would definitely recommend your guides to others.
    Sally and Alan, UK

  • I ordered your guides back in September and I just wanted to thank you as they were brilliant and absolutely made our holiday to Gran Canaria last week. We have hiked in Gran Canaria and Italy before and it has often been a tad frustrating because the walking guides weren’t very clear, however yours were extremely thorough and reliable. We stayed in Meloneras and so did the Zone B hikes. As we had a car we especially enjoyed the circular walks, so more of those would be most appreciated!! Please keep up the good work!
    Jackie, UK - January 2018

  • Thank you for the best structured guides I have ever seen – I have a big collection of hiking guides – I have been collecting them for many years, I am 63. I am a former medical research scientist so I love structured hiking books - and I really think yours are miles ahead of all the other books I have - it is so easy to choose a hike using your system and you have thought of everything a hiker needs to now when planning a hike on Gran Canaria. Your "concept" should be sold as a template to many other hiking books as a way to do it.
    Jens, Denmark - October 2017

  • My wife and I have just returned from a wonderful holiday in Gran Canaria and felt I wanted to thank you for your fantastic walks - great routes and each very clearly described. he combination of text, paper map and GPS worked brilliantly. My only question is whether you know of anywhere else in the world that offers so much and is blessed with such clear guidance ! We were based in Tejeda and with such a picturesque town and a wide range of walks from the door we didn't even feel the need to hire a car. Many thanks for your contribution to a great holiday.
    Alan and Clair - March 2017

  • I just wanted to write to you to say how wonderful your walks were. We were in Gran Canaria all this last week, and walked one of your walks every day, with pleasure, gratitude and deep appreciation for your thoughtfulness and care. We will return and do more walks for sure.
    Jay Griffiths - February 2017

  • Thank you so much Roger for preparing such awesome hiking routes! We have enjoyed every single one we have done ! Our favourite has been The El Juncal Circle because of the breath taking views but each walk has been a delight. We will come back for longer and will discover more and more of this great island. Again thank you.
    Annick and Pierre, France

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Don't Leave Gran Canaria Without Seeing It..

THE definitive Guide for hikers and explorers.. by Rambling Roger, resident in Gran Canaria

Volume 1: The Shorter Options
This guide is intended more for the casual hiker ( who wants a half day walk ) and visitors who want to discover the real heart of Gran Canaria by car or on foot.

Volume 2: The Longer Options
This second guide is for the serious hiker who wants a full day trek.

Volume 1 'The Shorter Options' Guide has approx. 20 circular and 15 routes from A to B with the local bus times included, there are also over 30 there-and-back walks, all of these walks are designed to be half day hikes.
This Guide also includes lots of information of what to see and do in the many rural villages and towns, with suggestions of where to enjoy local specialities.

Volume 2 'The Longer Options' Guide has approx. 20 circular and 5 routes from A to B with local bus times included, these walks are full day walks and are designed for the serious hiker. All walks have full GPS information included.
I am aware that there are already various hiking books in English about walking on Gran Canaria, but none are written by a local resident with years of experience of the hiking routes on this island.

Both Rambling Roger's Guides are regularly updated and available in printed or PDF version.

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