technical info

Technical Info

This web page will describe the different ways you can display the information in both Guide books.

My main objective with this webpage is to show that the quickly developing digital technology can be used to help with the enjoyment of hiking.

However it is important to say that all these walks, in both of my Guides, can be undertaken without any specialist equipment, all you actually need is good map, preferably the DWG of Gran Canaria, a compass and the walk description. See also hiking equipment and safety.

I am aware that we now live in a digital age, and I have tried to keep up with modern technology.

I included GPS waypoints in my first guide book in 2008, now in these new Guides there are downloadable GPX files for tracks and waypoints for all the main walks in both Guides.

I always express GPS waypoints using the WGS 84 datum, expressed by degrees and decimal minutes. Please make sure your GPS is set the same way, otherwise your GPS device will give different readings to the ones given in the text of the walks.

If you do not own a GPS and are thinking of purchasing one, please make sure that it has a compass, an altimeter, and that it can upload and download tracks and waypoints.

Digital Maps

We have been involved with Discovery Walking Guides (DWG) who have produced what we believe is the best map available for hikers in Gran Canaria. The map has a scale of 1 to 50000 and covers the complete island.

It is available in both printed and digital versions. All of my published walking routes are included, as well as much more. You can see full details on the DWG web site at:

The printed version of the map is on Polyart material which is Super-Durable and waterproof. The map is double sided and costs £8.99 inc. VAT in the UK and €12.00 in Gran Canaria. The DWG map of Gran Canaria has an ISBN number of 9781904946984 and is available from Amazon or Stanfords. The printed version is available in Gran Canaria. At present it can be purchased from Molino de Agua (on the GC 60 just north of Fataga) or from Bar/Café Buenavista in the San Agustin shopping centre. For other outlets in Gran Canaria see the 'Where To Buy The Maps' section on the Maps and Terrain page of this website.

There are 2 digital versions, one is for smart phone users, the other can be used with Garmin mapping GPS models. These interactive maps are great value at under £10.

Smartphone users should download the free Viewranger App from: The App is available in English, Spanish, French and German. To purchase the DWG digital map of Gran Canaria go to the Viewranger home page, click Shop, then go down the page and click Canaries and Madiera, then click Gran Canaria. The cost is £7.00

The free Open Street Maps and Open Cycle Maps can also be used with the Viewranger App, but of course do not contain the same details of the actual walking routes used in my guides.

For clients with Garmin GPS mapping models, the digital map can be purchased online from as a digital download for £5.99 inc. VAT. It can be downloaded onto a mini SD card.

We can highly recommend this map and we believe it is the best map available. A map should be purchased to accompany my Guide(s) 'Don’t Leave Gran Canaria Without Seeing It' to get the 'big picture', as my maps are only very local to give a rough guide of the route. With this map and my notes getting lost on a mountain walk really should be a thing of the past.

EasyGPS, is free downloadable software, it would be a good start for anyone who wants to get to know more about making digital maps etc.

The Guides

In both versions of my walking Guides there are over 100 pages of information about Gran Canaria and about the hikes etc. This information can be displayed (or used) in several different ways.

Please note that the printed versions of my walking guide(s) are not bound books. Eileen and I are walkers not publishers, the printed guide is a full colour loose leaf version of the PDF, with laminated front and back covers. It is printed on good quality A4 paper with a laser printer, and contains more than 50 double sided pages of information.

We use a loose leaf format so that you do not need to carry a heavy book with you, just your walks for the day and maybe a plan “B”.

PDF Information

The PDF Guides are professionally made and suitable for Apple Mac or Windows systems. Due to their file size ( approx 13MB - Vol 1 and 26MB - Vol 2 ) they will be sent to your email address from my DropSend account after payment has been cleared. If you have not received my DropSend email soon after my payment confirmation email, then please check for the DropSend email in your Junk/Spam folders.

The DropSend email that you will receive, contains a link to download your purchased Guide in PDF format.

Both Vol 1 and Vol 2 PDF's contain the complete walks in 1 handy file. This makes it very simple to print as either one complete document or as individual walks. They can also be used on iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Mobile devices. I recommend using the latest Acrobat Reader for viewing and printing these files. Acrobat Reader can be freely downloaded from here:

Adobe Reader for PC and Mac | Adobe Mobile Reader App for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Mobile devices.

We are walkers who use computers etc. we ourselves are not technical experts. If you have problems displaying this PDF on your equipment please contact your supplier or manufacturer.

I have seen our PDFs displayed on a Kindle, Smart Phone and iPad, below is some of the information that has been sent to me by clients using this technology. We would be pleased to update this information if you have more up to date knowledge.

Tablets & Smartphones

Adobe Reader is also available for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Mobile devices and can be freely downloaded from: Adobe's website.


The PDF can also be viewed on a Kindle.

Built-in PDF Reader for Kindle: When you have saved the PDF on your computer, copy it and then paste it into your contents page of your Kindle, using your USB cable to connect the Kindle with your computer.

Your Kindle will then display this PDF document without losing the formatting of the original file.

Press the menu key, select the contrast/zoom from the available options, to adjust the contrast, zoom and the required page set up (Landscape is recommended). Use the 5-way controller to view the page(s). Press the menu button again to change any of the settings or return to the default view.

If, or when in the future, other options become available details will be given here.

Don't Leave Gran Canaria Without Seeing It..

THE definitive Guide for hikers and explorers.. by Rambling Roger, resident in Gran Canaria

Volume 1: The Shorter Options
This guide is intended more for the casual hiker ( who wants a half day walk ) and visitors who want to discover the real heart of Gran Canaria by car or on foot.

Volume 2: The Longer Options
This second guide is for the serious hiker who wants a full day trek.

Volume 1 'The Shorter Options' Guide has approx. 20 circular and 15 routes from A to B with the local bus times included, there are also over 30 there-and-back walks, all of these walks are designed to be half day hikes.
This Guide also includes lots of information of what to see and do in the many rural villages and towns, with suggestions of where to enjoy local specialities.

Volume 2 'The Longer Options' Guide has approx. 20 circular and 5 routes from A to B with local bus times included, these walks are full day walks and are designed for the serious hiker. All walks have full GPS information included.
I am aware that there are already various hiking books in English about walking on Gran Canaria, but none are written by a local resident with years of experience of the hiking routes on this island.

Both Rambling Roger's Guides are regularly updated and available in printed or PDF version.

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