About the Guides

I believe that my Guides are the best English language guide books for walkers and visitors coming to Gran Canaria, and that my local and up to date knowledge of walking routes and transport can make these guides vital for anyone wanting to discover the real Gran Canaria.

September 2017 - I have just completed updating both guides for the 2017-2018 season. During the last year there have been only minor changes to the guides If your copy of my guide(s) is over two years old, I would recommend that now is a good time to update. All walks in both guides now have much better maps than 2 years ago, all maps are now based on the Discovery Walking Guides Map. The information sections in both guides now include more walking possibilities. Several walks have been replaced by better or more accessible options. All of the latest signpost information is now included in each individual walk.

During the past few years, there have been many new signposts for hikers erected in many parts of the island and I believe that at present, these are the only guides with this new and important information included. This work is still ongoing.

The Guides

There are 2 distinct versions of my hiking Guide - both named:'Don’t Leave Gran Canaria Without Seeing It'

Volume 1: 'The Shorter Options' Guide
- Includes 35 half day hikes, many short there-and-back walks and a lot of local information covering the whole of Gran Canaria.

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Rambling Roger recommends..

The Vol 1 guide - for the visitor who wishes to discover the real Gran Canaria by foot (casual hiker) or maybe by car, and most visitors to Gran Canaria will find this Guide essential to get the best out of exploring the island.

Volume 2: 'The Longer Options' Guide
- Includes 25 full day hikes, 20 circular and 5 linear. All walks have GPS information and transport details.

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Rambling Roger recommends..

The Volume 2 guide - for the experienced hiker who wishes to discover the island by foot, mostly on a network of old donkey tracks that used to connect the major towns and villages, before the age of modern transport. This guide now includes all of the latest information about the newly signposted routes, we believe this is the only guide in English to provide this information at present. All the main 25 walks include a map of your route and all of these maps now use the Discovery Walking guides map of Gran Canaria as their base map. The 2015/2016 version is the first edition to use these maps, this work has been done with permission from Discovery Walking Guides.

Guide Formats

Both versions of my walking guides contain well over 100 pages of detailed information about the hikes here in Gran Canaria. Both guides are available in printed or PDF version.

Rambling Rogers printed walking guide

Please note that the printed versions of my walking guide(s) are not bound books. Eileen and I are walkers not publishers, so the printed guide is a full colour loose leaf version of the PDF, with laminated front and back covers. It is laser printed on very good quality A4 paper, and contains more than 50 double sided pages of information.

We use a loose leaf format, so that you do not need to carry a heavy book with you, just your walks for the day and maybe a plan “B”.

Buying the Guides

To order your copy of 'Don't Leave Gran Canaria Without Seeing It' or for further information, please contact me using the below button and then completing and sending the contact form. I will reply to you as soon as I can.



PDF version:
Volume 1 and Volume 2 both cost £12 / €15 each. You can also purchase both PDF versions together for a reduced price of £20 / €25.
The guides are downloaded as a PDF document - a link will be sent to you via email.
Printed version:
Both Volume 1 and Volume 2 cost £20 / €25 each plus postage and packing.

The full-colour guide can be purchased from me in Fataga, Gran Canaria or purchased from the Free Motion shops in Playa del Inglés, Meloneras and Las Palmas. Free Motion's shop in Playa del Inglés is on the ground floor next to the entrance to the Sandy Beach Hotel. In Meloneras, the shop is opposite the main bus station. In Las Palmas the Free Motion shop is opposite Playa Alcaravaneras on Calle Leon y Castillo.

The printed guides can also be purchased at Rural Hotel "El Refugio" at Cruz de Tejeda and also from "Artesania Fataga" in Fataga, on the GC 60.

I can also post you the printed version, please enquire for details of the cost of postage.


Payment for the guides can be made by PayPal, Bank Transfer, or with Debit and Credit cards.

If you wish to pay by PayPal please ask for details of my PayPal Account.

If you wish to pay by Bank Transfer please ask for details of my English bank account, if you wish to pay in Sterling, or my Spanish bank account if you wish to pay in Euros.

If you wish to pay by Debit or Credit card, I will send you an invoice that can be paid with most major cards. Please let me know if you wish to pay in Pounds Sterling or Euros.

Once I have received your payment, I will send you your copy of my walking guide(s). I check and reply to my emails approx 360 days of the year!

If you have any questions about payment etc., or if you need any further information about my walking guides, then please don't hesitate to contact me.


Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of information, but things do change, a dirt track may become concreted and a house may have been re-painted a different colour. Also there are often rock falls after heavy rain, or water can be running in a usually dry stream bed etc.

All walks are undertaken at your own risk and we accept no liability for any accidents. Whilst every consideration has been given to your safety in the planning of these routes, ultimately your safety is your own responsibility.
- Rambling Roger


Les deux volumes de 'Ne quittez pas la Grande Canarie sans l'avoir vue..' sont également disponibles en francais.

Deux ouvrages indispensables pour se promener ou randonner, et explorer Gran Canaria (La Grande Canarie - Espagne).

Avec ses pittoresques villages d'habitations troglodytes, ses espaces naturels d'une époustouflante beauté, sa grande variété de paysages et de climats assurant des changements de décor rapides, ses dénivellations raisonnables, son climat permettant de randonner quasiment toute l'année, la Grande Canarie un paradis pour la randonnée.

'Lake at Lugarejos'

The great attraction of hiking on Gran Canaria is the tremendous variety of walks on such a relatively small island, and it also has the climate to hike most of the year.

There are a great number of footpaths and tracks on the island with spectacular views and very varied scenery, including lakes, forests and occupied troglodyte villages.

My advice to all visitors to Gran Canaria and the title of my Guide is:

'Don't Leave Gran Canaria
Without Seeing It'

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