Maps & Terrain

The Terrain

Gran Canaria is a volcanic island with high mountains and many deep canyons and ravines, there are many interesting and spectacular rock formations. The terrain you will be walking on is very variable, from grassy meadows in the North to barren scree in the South.


The condition of most of the paths is good, but they are not all well maintained, on rare occasions you will have to clamber over a rock fall, or fight your way through a bush. After heavy rain some paths in exposed areas can become rather unstable. Certain descents can be rather “skiddy” if very dry or very wet. I try to avoid vertiginous sections but do mention any such sections in the text.

During the years we have been hiking in Gran Canaria there have been many improvements, there is a lot more work being done on path maintenance, and the signposts are significantly better. 20 years ago official signposts were non-existent. For example, in Spring 2012, Eileen and I completed a walk on a newly restored camino real, and we were told that we were the first people to walk on this path through the barranco for 70 years.

During the last 3 years the Cabildo has numbered and signposted many footpaths, this path is now a signposted and numbered path the S 82. This guide we believe will be the only guide available with the new updated information. The signposting of paths is still ongoing.

Please remember all walks in my guides are undertaken at your own risk.

Hiking Maps

There are no Ordnance Survey type maps of Gran Canaria. The maps I recommend are from Discovery Walking Guides (DWG)

We have been involved with Discovery Walking Guides (DWG) who have produced what we believe is the best map available for hikers in Gran Canaria. The map has a scale of 1 to 50000 and covers the complete island. The 5th edition is now available, and includes many new hiking trails and more information about the newly signposted routes.

It is available in both printed and digital versions and all of my published walking routes are included, as well as much more. You can see full details on the Discovery Walking Guides website.

The printed version of the map is on Polyart material which is Super-Durable and waterproof. The map is double sided and costs £8.99 inc. VAT in the UK and €12.00 in Gran Canaria. The fourth edition of the DWG map of Gran Canaria has an ISBN number of 9781782750512 and is available from Amazon or Stanfords. The printed version is also available in Gran Canaria.

All buyers of the printed Discovery Walking Guides Tour & Trail Maps now qualify for a free Custom Map digital download for their Garmin GPS. Details are in the DWG eNews and users should contact DWG to be added to their eNews posting list.

Where To Buy The Maps

The 5th edition of the Discovery Walking Guides Tour and Trail map of Gran Canaria is now available at many outlets around Gran Canaria. If you are not sure about which will be your closest outlet in Gran Canaria, click on one of the available links below for more location details - or alternatively Contact Me with details of where you will be staying.

The list of map outlets below has been organised in the following geographical set up: South / Central / North / Las Palmas.


San Agustín
  • Bar/Café Buenavista in the San Agustín shopping centre, opposite Hotel Don Gregory.
  • Free Motion Bike Hire shop in the Gloria Palace Hotel. The bike shop is near the main pool area, opposite Tina's Club.
Meloneras / Playa del Inglés
  • The maps are available from both of the Free Motion shops in Meloneras and Playa del Inglés. Printed versions of the walking guides are also available from these shops.
  • Norwegian Club opposite the car park where the street market is held every Tuesday.
  • Free Motion bike hire shop, located at the roundabout opposite the Ancora Shopping Centre on the GC 500 in the centre of the town.
Puerto Rico
  • Maps can be purchased from the offices of JPD legal consultants and P and B financial consultants. Their offices are opposite the newly refurbished park in Puerto Rico, situated at Bungalows Martinica No’s 20 & 21, almost opposite McDonalds, near the centre of Puerto Rico. Telephone number 928 725646.
Puerto de Mogán
  • Free Motion bike hire shop in the Atlante Bike and Hike Centre, which is in the Hotel Cordial, Puerto de Mogán


  • Artesania Fataga opposite Bar/Grill Fataga on the main road through the village. This shop sells Canarian products made locally by various craftsmen and women. Printed versions of my walking guides are also available here.
  • Maps are also for sale at the Petrol Station on the GC 60 - and also from Henrietta at her home made Jewellery shop in the village near the bakery.
San Bartolomé de Tirajana
  • Rural Hotel Fonda de la Tea - this charming hotel is in the town centre near the Church.
  • Restaurant Cueva de la Tea also stock the maps - this restaurant is near the Spar supermarket.
  • The maps are also now for sale at the petrol station in Tejeda - next to the Bus Station on the GC 60 as you enter the town from the south.
Cruz de Tejeda


Las Nieves
  • Delicatessen Enyesque - Near the tourist office, C/Guaires n° 1, Gáldar - Tel: +34 649 750160
Santa María de Guía
Sardina del Norte
Valle de Agaete
  • Refugio El Hornillo - Lugar El Hornillo, 8, ES 25480 Agaete - Tel: +34 928 599 518
  • Hotel Rural Las Longueras - Finca Las Longueras, Carretera Del Valle, 35480 Agaete
  • Finca Café Platinium - Paseo de los Romeros 2, 35489 Agaete - Tel: +34 635 510980
  • Salsamora BoutiqueAvenida de Los Poetas 28, 35489 Puerto de Las Nieves - Agaete - Tel +34 722 662828


  • Free Motion bike hire shop in Las Palmas - opposite Playa Alcaravaneras on Calle Leon y Castillo. Printed versions of the walking guides are also available here.
  • Scandinavian Club - near the tunnel entrance to the motorway which heads towards the north coast, the GC 2. The address is Calle Manuel Gonzalez Martín, No. 15 Las Palmas. Telephone 928 234596

Additional Information

There are 2 digital versions, one is for smart phone users, the other can be used with Garmin mapping GPS models. See below for more details.

Smartphone users should download the free Viewranger App from The App is available in English, Spanish, French and German. To purchase the DWG digital map of Gran Canaria, go to the Viewranger home page, click Shop, then go down the page and click Canaries and Madiera, then click Gran Canaria. The cost is £7.00

The free Open Street Maps and Open Cycle Maps can also be used with the Viewranger App, but of course do not contain the same details of the actual walking routes used in my guides.

For clients with Garmin GPS mapping models, the digital map is available online from Discovery Walking Guides as a free digital download. It can be downloaded onto a mini SD card.

We can highly recommend this map and we believe it is the best map available. A map should be purchased to accompany my guides 'Don't Leave Gran Canaria Without Seeing It' to get the 'big picture', as my maps are only very local to give a rough guide of the route. With this map and my notes, getting lost on a mountain walk really should be a thing of the past.

Satellite Views of Gran Canaria

Google Maps and Google Earth are other good ways to get the feel of Gran Canaria and its mountains. No footpaths are shown, but they do show the network of small and larger roads across the island.

Camino Reales

Many of the footpaths you will be walking are old 'Camino Reales'. Camino Reales are old donkey tracks that used to connect villages together many years ago, before the advent of modern vehicles.

Some have become rather overgrown, some have been restored, but others have become dirt roads or concrete tracks and a few have now been asphalted.

Wherever possible, I try to avoid asphalt roads in my walking guides 'Don't Leave Gran Canaria Without Seeing It', but there are a few occasions where to complete a circular walk, some asphalt is unavoidable.

Don't Leave Gran Canaria Without Seeing It..

THE definitive Guide for hikers and explorers.. by Rambling Roger, resident in Gran Canaria

Volume 1: The Shorter Options
This guide is intended more for the casual hiker ( who wants a half day walk ) and visitors who want to discover the real heart of Gran Canaria by car or on foot.

Volume 2: The Longer Options
This second guide is for the serious hiker who wants a full day trek.

Volume 1 'The Shorter Options' Guide has approx. 20 circular and 15 routes from A to B with the local bus times included, there are also over 30 there-and-back walks, all of these walks are designed to be half day hikes.
This Guide also includes lots of information of what to see and do in the many rural villages and towns, with suggestions of where to enjoy local specialities.

Volume 2 'The Longer Options' Guide has approx. 20 circular and 5 routes from A to B with local bus times included, these walks are full day walks and are designed for the serious hiker. All walks have full GPS information included.
I am aware that there are already various hiking books in English about walking on Gran Canaria, but none are written by a local resident with years of experience of the hiking routes on this island.

Both Rambling Roger's Guides are regularly updated and available in printed or PDF version.

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