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WELCOME to my website..
..which is designed to encourage healthy active people to WALK and EXPLORE the magnificent mountains of Gran Canaria, Spain.

My name is Roger - known as 'Rambling Roger'. My wife Eileen and I have lived on Gran Canaria for just over 20 years, and we have discovered many varied hikes for all abilities of walkers on this island.

We believe we have written the best English language guide book for walkers in Gran Canaria, but would be happy to offer free advice to anyone considering a hiking holiday on our beautiful island, whether it be just for themselves or a walking club etc. We can also recommend English speaking walking guides for you if required.

Why come hiking in Gran Canaria ?

I firmly believe that Gran Canaria is one of the last great hiking destinations in Europe still to be truly discovered by the British hiker.

Gran Canaria’s nickname is the mini continent, and it really does live up to that name. There are many distinct areas..

THE definitive Guide for hikers and explorers.. by Rambling Roger, resident in Gran Canaria

I have completed 2 guide books for walking and investigating the wonderful interior of Gran Canaria.

Volume 1: The Shorter Options
This guide is intended more for the casual hiker ( who wants a half day walk ) and visitors who want to discover the real heart of Gran Canaria by car or on foot. This guide includes a substantial amount of local information and many extra short walks.

Volume 2: The Longer Options
This second guide is for the serious hiker who wants a full day trek, plus there is detailed information about the new signposts included in this guide

Volume 1 'The Shorter Options' Guide has approx. 20 circular and 15 routes from A to B with the local bus times included, there are also over 30 there-and-back walks, all of these walks are designed to be half day hikes.
This Guide also includes lots of information of what to see and do in the many rural villages and towns, with suggestions of where to enjoy local specialities.

Volume 2 'The Longer Options' Guide has approx. 20 circular and 5 routes from A to B with local bus times included, these walks are full day walks and are designed for the serious hiker. All walks have full GPS information included.
I am aware that there are already various hiking books in English about walking on Gran Canaria, but none are written by a local resident with years of experience of the hiking routes on this island.

Both Guides are regularly updated and available in printed or PDF version

The PDF versions cost £12 / €15 each or £20 / €25 for both.

...read more detailed information about the guides - or click the button below to order or request futher information.



Les deux volumes de 'Ne quittez pas la Grande Canarie sans l'avoir vue..' sont également disponibles en francais.

Deux ouvrages indispensables pour se promener ou randonner, et explorer Gran Canaria (La Grande Canarie - Espagne).

Avec ses pittoresques villages d'habitations troglodytes, ses espaces naturels d'une époustouflante beauté, sa grande variété de paysages et de climats assurant des changements de décor rapides, ses dénivellations raisonnables, son climat permettant de randonner quasiment toute l'année, la Grande Canarie un paradis pour la randonnée.

'Lake at Lugarejos'

The great attraction of hiking on Gran Canaria is the tremendous variety of walks on such a relatively small island, and it also has the climate to hike most of the year.

There are a great number of footpaths and tracks on the island with spectacular views and very varied scenery, including lakes, forests and occupied troglodyte villages.

My advice to all visitors to Gran Canaria and the title of my Guide is:

'Don't Leave Gran Canaria
Without Seeing It'



  • Another Gran Canaria trip. Initially staying in Triana, Las Palmas for access to the north east, then moving north west to Artenara the highest mountain village before heading south to Aguimes. Lots of familiar and new places on my walks which meant that I put the new Discovery Map and recently purchased Rambling Roger Guides to good use.
    *For more info and photos, you can visit David's blog: https://okallotments.blogspot.com/2022/03/gran-canaria-march-2022
    David - March 2022

  • During the preparation for our holiday in December 2020 to Gran Canaria my girlfriend and I were searching to find a proper hiking guide and luckily we found this perfect guide which made our holiday unforgettable.
    As we are not so experienced hikers we took a version with shorter hikes and must say that each one of the six hikes we have done were simply AMAZING.
    We really liked that the guide contains also information about the island, cities, overall hiking tips... each hike has a brief intro explanation which is enough to decide if you are interested in it or not.
    Another great thing is that Roger organizes each hike to have a part with an amazing view, a part with some nice uphill downhill so you “feel a little bit adrenaline”, as well as alternative routes to see some extra things or to shorten the hike.
    I really recommend to everybody to do at least one hike in each part of the island as they are completely different. After this experience, I feel a little bit spoiled and on my next traveling destination I will expect nothing less than what Roger has done for hiking in Gran Canaria.
    Nikola, Germany - December 2020

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